Thursday, October 29, 2015

Australia by Ashley

Before the start of the school holidays I went to the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast for 2 weeks. First we went to the Gold Coast.
We went to 3 theme parks, Wet'n'Wild, Movie World and Sea World. My favorite was Sea World then wet'n'wild then Movie World.
After we had been to the Gold Coast we then went up to the Sunshine Coast. When we went up there we had a really cool hotel, you could go for walks around the lake and in the lake there were inflatable things that you could play on.
We went to Australia Zoo. It was really fun with heaps of cool things to do.
We also went to the Emondi Markets where we got some dounuts with filling in them. Yummy! Then we had to sadly go home. I will always remember that trip.

By Ashley

Do YOU Have A Job? by Rose

At Donuts-in-Training Superhero School, there are dozens of donuts that graduate early and go on to be successful donuts/superheroes, that gain many powers and even have faithful sidekicks. That's just the thing we're looking for.
Sidekicks! Interviews will be in the schools auditorium on Saturday 5th November, 3:30-5:30 PM. If you make it through, we will make sure that you will not be turned into human food at Dunkin' Donuts.

Note: Please find attached requirements sheet.

-Bachelor of Arts in Toppingology
-Master of Arts in Mind-reading
-Master of Arts in Powergraphy
-Doctorate in Makeup
-Bachelor of Arts in Villain-spottingology

Please note that these degrees are COMPULSORY.

Friday, October 23, 2015

On The Beach

When I was walking on the soft, cold, smooth sand I heard the sound of the crashing waves. The sun was rising.  It had all sorts of colours mixed together like pinks, oranges and reds. The freezing water was flowing over my feet. What a lovely day at the beach.
By Arthur

Hunting for a cat

In the holidays I went to Christchurch.My Auntie said there was a big wild cat up a big hill.So we sharpened a stick and our uncle took us to the top of the hill.We asked some people if they have seen the cat, some said they heard sheep being hurt.We asked this farmer if his sheep had been disappearing. He said no but they are dieing.Then we heard a sheep crying we ran to the scene. We were about to go right way but our uncle said it was up the hill.We walked and walked through mud. We got to the top and there were no sheep.We were all really grumpy. We started walking back down the hill the other side.We found a road with snow on it. We started having a snow ball fight, it stopped when I threw a piece of ice at Jim.We walked along the road. I touched the wire next to me and it was an electric wire.Luckily I didn't get hurt.

By Pete

Maths at school by Francis

At school we have been learning how to turn improper fractions into mixed fractions. An improper fraction is when the numerator is bigger then the denominator an example is 18/4=4 2/4. I got that by going how many quarters are in 18 there are 4 and there are two left over so I turn into 2/4 and the answer is 4 2/4.

What am I By: Kalia

What am
I am green . 
I have soft, fluffy, delicate wings.
I live in a cage with a very amazing friend.
My friend is like me but is blue and purple.
I love to squawk.
I died a little while ago.
What am I.

Stacey Greg book series pony club secret

                                                                         Pony Club Secrets
  1. Stacey Gregg
  2. There is a series of horse books based on horses and ponies.
  3. The writer is called stacy Gregg
  4. She loves horses herself and writes about the journey of Isadora Brown, also know as Issie and how she came from a small beginner rider begging for a pony of her own to a 17 year old riding in top horse shows.
  5. These books are breathtaking and nerveracking, you can fall into the amazing world of Stacy Gregg and Issie. Each book is based on a different horse and a new adventure.
  6. A book to enjoy and laugh with but its not all about horse some romance is included, so watch out for the love birds and Stella, Issie's besty who is boy mad. Enjoy the horses.
  7. By Naomi