Friday, October 23, 2015

Stacey Greg book series pony club secret

                                                                         Pony Club Secrets
  1. Stacey Gregg
  2. There is a series of horse books based on horses and ponies.
  3. The writer is called stacy Gregg
  4. She loves horses herself and writes about the journey of Isadora Brown, also know as Issie and how she came from a small beginner rider begging for a pony of her own to a 17 year old riding in top horse shows.
  5. These books are breathtaking and nerveracking, you can fall into the amazing world of Stacy Gregg and Issie. Each book is based on a different horse and a new adventure.
  6. A book to enjoy and laugh with but its not all about horse some romance is included, so watch out for the love birds and Stella, Issie's besty who is boy mad. Enjoy the horses.
  7. By Naomi

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