Friday, October 23, 2015

Hunting for a cat

In the holidays I went to Christchurch.My Auntie said there was a big wild cat up a big hill.So we sharpened a stick and our uncle took us to the top of the hill.We asked some people if they have seen the cat, some said they heard sheep being hurt.We asked this farmer if his sheep had been disappearing. He said no but they are dieing.Then we heard a sheep crying we ran to the scene. We were about to go right way but our uncle said it was up the hill.We walked and walked through mud. We got to the top and there were no sheep.We were all really grumpy. We started walking back down the hill the other side.We found a road with snow on it. We started having a snow ball fight, it stopped when I threw a piece of ice at Jim.We walked along the road. I touched the wire next to me and it was an electric wire.Luckily I didn't get hurt.

By Pete

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