Thursday, October 29, 2015

Australia by Ashley

Before the start of the school holidays I went to the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast for 2 weeks. First we went to the Gold Coast.
We went to 3 theme parks, Wet'n'Wild, Movie World and Sea World. My favorite was Sea World then wet'n'wild then Movie World.
After we had been to the Gold Coast we then went up to the Sunshine Coast. When we went up there we had a really cool hotel, you could go for walks around the lake and in the lake there were inflatable things that you could play on.
We went to Australia Zoo. It was really fun with heaps of cool things to do.
We also went to the Emondi Markets where we got some dounuts with filling in them. Yummy! Then we had to sadly go home. I will always remember that trip.

By Ashley