Friday, October 23, 2015

War Description by Grace

The light goes to shadows and the dark comes. I'm frightened out of my skin, I don't know what's going to happen, suddenly  Boom Bam Crash!  I hear cries and screams. I crawl onto the battle field. Suddenly I see blood driping from my arm, my leg and worst of all my head. I'm thinking this will be the end. As I walk forwards I fall into a shell hole, when I hear some weeping and then I see a German. Sorry I landed in the wrong place. Then there were no more gun shots heard. Yay its the end of the war. Then I realised the German was pointing his gun at me. I quickly jumped out of the shell hole, that was a close one. We soon went back on the ships and back home.

by Grace


  1. Hi Grace,
    that description was so hooking I didn't want to stop reading it.
    From Grace, Kassidy,Liam

  2. Hay grace
    Really (really) like your war I want to read so much more love so much!!!!!
    Great story:)
    For EMILY!!