Friday, October 23, 2015

Horse Riding Alexandra

Horse riding is so much fun. I go to Maree Green horse riding school in Kumeu.
I learn so much about riding and horses there. I ride a cute little pony called Ty. I go every second Sunday .
 At horse riding you learn lots of skills on horse back such as walk, trot, canter, jumping and also how to control your horse.
There are over 15 horses at riding and each one is different. Here are some: Mey a chestnut mare, Pretty a Clydesdale cross mare and Ty, my favourite, is a thoroughbred Cross Welsh Pony Gelding. They are all so cute! I normally ride Ty but I have also ridden Cookie, a dun and Tommy a grey gelding. Recently the riding school got a new horse called Flash. He is so cute and is a chestnut gelding.
Horse riding is so much fun you should try it. All this is why I love horses and riding.

By Alexandra

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  1. Hi Alexandra,
    That was a very good description! And yes you do love horse riding!
    From Emma
    Rm 10