Friday, March 6, 2015

Bio Poem By Briarn

                                        Bio Poem Briarn

                                   Who is, Sporty, Funny, Smart
                                Who loves, Sports, Family, Food
                              Who feels, Excited, Happy, Funny
                          Who gives, Laughter, Smiles, Help
                        Who fears, Spiders, Clowns, Death
                    Who would like, Pancakes, Chocolate, 1 Million $$$$
                Who comes from Grey Lynn Primary School
            Auckland New Zealand

            By Briarn


  1. Great poem Briarn. I can picture your smiling face as I read it. I would like a million dollars too!

  2. Hi briarn!,
    Great poem. I love pancakes oh there amazing for chocolate on top of them u should try it since u like pancakes and chocolate! Lol.
    From Liam ! =D

  3. Hi Brain
    I love your poem, it tells me a lot that you like and need. I love sports too.
    From Elizabeth