Thursday, March 19, 2015

Character Descriptions

Miss Trunchbull

Miss Trunchbull is a human tank. If any kids got in her way she would march right through them. You would see them get thrown left and right just so she could get to the chocolate vending machine. ''Mmmmm Ferrero Roche''. Miss Trunchbull as you can see is a very mean lady. Miss Trunchbull didn't  play much sports except Shot put, Discus and the Hammer throw. [She came 1st place in those 3 sports.
So you need to be really muscely and strong and Miss Trunchbull is that. She has a very hairy face,bushy eyebrows,hairy arms and legs and she also is a women. [ Very Attractive ]. Miss Trunchbull is a vicious terrifying humongous MONSTER. She thinks,eats and does horrible things. Last week she threw little Lily May over the fence just because she was wearing pigtails. But Miss Trunchbull wasn't always mean she was a sweet little girl until kids started bullying her because she had glasses. Then she started thinking bad and when you think bad you start looking bad . When you think bad your personality changes and your beauty fades away. Thats how horrible miss Trunchbull is. 
P.S Miss Trunchbull wears contacts.

By Briarn

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  1. you used a lot of discribing words by pete