Friday, March 6, 2015

Beautiful World By Briarn

The deep blue bottomless sea wailing, calling, trying to reach out. No one could hear, they only heard the sea hitting the sharp black rocks. The sea getting angrier every second. He tries harder and harder, the waves get stronger, rougher. Finally the big bright yellow sun came out from the thundering clouds and slowly calmed the sea. Now no sound was made, not even a movement. Everything had stopped. The man from above stopped time and admired this beautiful moment, seeing the sea calmed, sun shining brightly through the white clouds. He knew he had made a beautiful world.

By Briarn


  1. Hi Briarn, what a wonderful piece of writing, you have used amazing description and have used personification naturally. I love it and even shared it with my year 13 daughter who thought it was awesome.

  2. Hi Briarn,
    you used some awsome adjectives

  3. Hi Briarn
    You used alot of descriptive words i also really like the title.
    From Daisy