Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Room 12's Cooking

On Monday Room 12 spilt into two groups. One group went with Kerry and the other group went with Sandie. Kerry and Sandie said we are going  to do some cooking. I went with Sandie. When you were with Sandie you did christmas cupcakes  and if you were with Kerry you made  christmas reindeers . When you were making cupcakes you had to do a lot of  team work and if you were making reindeers you had a lot of sweets.When it was morning tea we ate it all. On Tuesday if you were with Sandie on Monday you would go with Kerry and if you were with Kerry on Monday you would go with Sandie. When we were all done we let it set and we went to morning tea . It  was really hard but it was worth it. Have a look at our results.



  1. Hi Room 12,

    You Guys really made me loose my concentration as the smell of the cookies cooking was so overpowering. I really had to curb the urge to eat one while no one was looking. I would have then rearrange the tray to look like none had disappeared. I learnt this when I was much younger. However resilience got the better of me and I suffered instead.

    I came into your classroom to see the baking first hand and I have to say they looked stunning.

    Well done you lot.

    Merry Xmas

  2. Hi Room 12,
    Did they taste as good as they looked because they looked fabulous. What a great way to end the year. You have wonderful teachers!