Friday, November 9, 2012

Persuasive Letters

Our Teachers are very tricky. They said that Grey Lynn School received a letter form the Ministry of Education. This letter stated that Grey Lynn School was going to close down at the end of the year and it was going to merge with Richmond Road School. We were outraged. So we wrote some letters trying to explain why Grey Lynn School should not merge and be closed down.
Here are some of our letters.

Dear Mr Sewel.

I really think you CAN not close down Grey Lynn school because of how great and fun it is.   

Here are the reasons why.
Firstly Grey Lynn school has the most wonderful teachers in the world.  They buy sports equipment for us and get special people to come and visit like Olympian gold medalists and rugby teams.  You wouldn’t find any nicer teachers ANYWHERE!  The kids are nice as well.  The teachers let us go to places at the end of the year like Rainbows end for the year 6s leaving.  Some of the teachers have been here for years and some will lose their jobs as well.

Another reason is our deep history.  We have an over 100 year ild tree planted by the students of a teacher who went to war.  It is very special to us and a puriri tree.

Here in Grey Lynn we have a huge community that supports and donates to our school.  They would be devastated if you did destroy our school.  Grey Lynn school and community  are a close bunch.  It wouldn’t seem right to split us up and destroy the school because its little.
Grey Lynn school is always thinking for the kids like making a forest playground for us and 2 new classrooms.  We also do fun activities that the teachers set up.  We also have band, choir, Special reading and math groups.  There was even a group where we do fun stuff like make cookies and give them out to the tired-out teachers so the kids can lear of fun stuff to do with their friends!  Senors class’s have buddy class’s with the little kids who we help write and play.  At Grey Lynn school we are always welcome to the new kids.  We say hello to them if we bump into them at break time and invite them to play.  They get given welcome certificates and everyone claps.  The older kids are nice like that.  Also whenever someone gets hurt everyone runs to help like baby birds to a worm dropped in their nest.  Also the year 5’s want to spend their last year here no at some strange new school!

Grey Lynn school is a enthusiastic school even through we’re small we are full of ideas.  You should not close down Grey Lynn school because to the children its school heaven and you will leave us broken hearted!

Yours Sincerley

Dear Mr Sewel ,

I do not think you should close down Grey Lynn school because Grey Lynn school has a great history.The community loves Grey Lynn school because they are close to Grey Lynn school and are able to come to the hall and see their child get their certificates of merit.One of the biggest reasons to not close the school down is because some great and fantastic teacher s will lose their jobs ( which could make it very hard for their family).Another thing is that we have spent 100,000s of dollars to build the school and we are currently building 8 classrooms and we can not stop now.
Finally I think you should communicate with the community before you demolish Grey Lynn school and from what I think is that you governments just want money.From my point of view I think you should not close down Grey Lynn

Yours Sincerely

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  1. Talofa Nina and Hunter,
    If I was working at the Ministry of Education I would take notice of your letters. Your arguments were sound and you had great examples to back up your points of view. Nina your letter was passionate and Hunter you stuck to the facts. I am really impressed with your writing and how strongly you feel about our school. Ka pai!