Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Instructional Writing

We are learning to write instructions. All week we have been looking at what instructions need, how to follow instructions and how to write  instructions. Last Thursday we got into pairs and designed the perfect fruit kebab. We then had to write instructions on how to make our particular fruit kebab.
We had to use at least two different types of fruit. When we constructed our kebab we had to have at least four pieces of fruit on our stick.  We had to sort out who was bringing what. Then on Friday we got together in our pairs and followed our instructions on how to make a fruit kebab.
There were many different types. One pair drilled holes into fruit burst lollies then poured fresh orange juice in the hole. Lots of people used chocolate. It was great fun . The best part was eating the kebabs at the end. Yum !!!

Fruit Kebabs -Medium from sandie corlett on Vimeo.


  1. Hi Room 12,

    Those fruit kebabs looked delicious! Maybe you could give Room 11 the instructions and we could make them too.

    Nom nom

  2. Kia ora Room 11,

    Looks like all your instructions worked! I am surprised none of the skewers broke!

  3. What a neat activity especially if you are into fruit and we all should be. Lots of variety and therefore choice and the fruit looks yummy. So what were your strategies around design - was it shape, colour, taste, how did you work out your combinations around the instructions given? I would be interested to know from some of you.

  4. While watching your movie, one question came to my mind. Why do Kiwi's put marshmallows on their fruit kebabs? I wonder if you can answer that for me?

    I am off to buy skewers now to do this with my family.
    Thanks for the fruit tutti idea!


  5. That looks soooooo good. But why fruit? Is it only allowed to be fruit? Tell me soon please!


  6. YUM that looks so good. Please tell me how to make them. PS awesome imovie.