Monday, October 12, 2015

Together at own your own pony Alexandra and Naomi

             Together at own your own pony!
                            By Naomi and Alexandra

It was Tuesday, the sun was up and our stomachs were bubbling with excitement as our cars traveled across the rocky road.
The cars pulled up at "Maree Green Equestrian Horse Riding Club"
(where we go for horse riding lessons).
The welcoming smell of horse lay muffled in the air.
The small nickers from ponies and horses continued to echo around the stables.
We went to find our ponies
Ty an adorable grey (white), thoroughbred cross welsh pony glending!
And Pretty a breath-taking Bay Clydesdale Cross Mare (Mare= Female Horse). 
Once we had caught them and tied them up at their stable we got to work with the curry comb and got to work on their bodies.
In no time we had them tacked up and ready to ride. Now the worst part we have to have morning tea before we ride... Boo.
We walked, trotted, cantered and jumped and soon the horses were tired and sweaty.
We took them back to the stables and made their lunch, we handed ii to them and enjoyed our own lunch. After we had eaten our lunch and had waited for the horses and ponies to finish theirs and we set up some jumps and went and got our horses ready to go.
Soon we were warming down our horses. We were lucky enough to remove the saddle and warm them down BARE-BACK.
It was an awesome day but the best part was doing it together 


  1. Hi guys
    Really good story you guys have done love it really interesting great job could not have done better our selfs
    From Emily grace Kassidy

  2. Hi Naomi and Alex,
    Really descriptive story.
    Nice detail.
    How long have you been Riding.

    From Briarn,Kalia,Daisy

  3. Briarn
    Thank you so much for leaving the comment on our class page in Taranaki. We really appreciate the positive words and the comments and I have passed them onto Siobhan who was the person who created the slideshow and took the photographs that you commented on. We really appreciate hearing such positive feedback.

    Naiomi and Alexandra
    I am going to share your writing with our class of students. I really enjoyed reading it. It was descriptive and also exciting. We don't have any students who attend Pony Club here although we do have students who have horses on their farms. We have our Lamb and Calf Day Day coming up this week and half of the students in our class (we have 25) are bringing calves that they have brought up since they were little or Lambs that they have raised this year.

    I really like the finish to your writing when you said about doing it together. What do you think the hardest part of the whole experience was? Would you do it again?

    Mr Webb and Room Three, Auroa Primary School, Taranaki.