Friday, May 15, 2015

The Bad Day By:Daisy,Kalia

There was two sisters named Amber and  Charlotte and there parents were away for the weekend .
Amber and charlotte wanted to explore the grave yard behind there house,because it was supposed
to be haunted.
When they opened the back door it creaked and mist fell over them the girls were terrified but they just kept on going,when they stepped outside the door slamed behind them.'' It was just the wind'' Amber said . Amber wanted to make herself feel better she ate one of her crisps cheesy flavour. When Amber finished scoffing the cracker down she felt better, then they started to walk further
into the grave yard when a black crow started to  stare at them like the were not meant to be there.
Once they got further into the grave yard there started to be more curious, what could be so bad they wanted to keep them out. Chalotte said ."Who is that person over there". But Amber couldn't see any -thing . What if this place was haunted and there was a sign saying leave now.


  1. Hi Kalia and Daisy,
    What an AWESOME story.
    Great punctuation.

    From Briarn

  2. Hi Kalia and Daisy,
    Loved the part where the two sisters went into the grave yard all alone without permission! Great puntuation!

  3. Hi Daisy And Kalia,
    I Loved You Descriptive Story It Was Very Mysterious And Just Like I Need Too Know More Great Job Guys.