Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Final

The fans push to the front. All the tvs were on. The day came the final Germany vs Argentina.Fans from all around the world from the east to west. Kick off, the whistle went for the 20th world cup final. People were buying tops with Messi or Muller  on the back,and food before the game started. I woke up at 5,30 am and prepped as i turned on the tv. i thought to myself . Netherlands were out so who was i going to support . I thought  agentania. I was on my edge of my seat and i counted 30 mins without a goal… goal  yay what no goal you got to be ceding me its going it exer time. ahw germany are having a sub stout Mario Gotze on for Kloser. 15 mins no goal next half of exer time. OWH suller is running fast down the wing, no gozer is not marked.i remember i was in a weird slow motion effect.  it hit the chest and vollied into the goal .no i walked silently in to my room but i run back up. Messi got a free kick can he i said to myself .He has but this might be too hard for him, the best goalkeeper vs the best player in the world … he missed my face fell and i turned off my tv and cried maybe next world cup in Russia to get them back.

By ty  

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