Friday, May 16, 2014

By Ashley and Briarn about Sandie and Kerry

Sandie and Kerry are Room 10s Wonderful Teachers. They both very sporty and arty people. Sandie and Kerry have been working at grey Lynn School [ G.L.S ]. Sandie and kerry have been working at Grey lynn school for 11 years. Now for some sporty details about Sandie and Kerry. Kerry loves Tennis and Teaching as much as I love eating CHOCOLATE!!! . Sandie loves Netball and Golf as much as I love TOUCH!!!. They teach us lots of fun games such as: Castle, Tupuwhai, and The Game of no rules. Sandie and Kerry taught us about Alien names, Drawings a hibiscus using  water colors, charcol, kid pix and  sketching pencil. Some other bits of art are Miss Root drawings, skulls for aloha [mexican stall], cartoon pictures for the treaty and kiwi VS weasles mural. For maths one of us is in the Rohmbus and one of us is in the Pyramids. today Briarn is doing teacher and then practice. Ashley is doing basic facts and then teacher. Teacher is were you go on the mat and you do maths with your teacher. Practice is were you sit at your desk and you do some work that is on the white board. Basic facts is were you see all the these numbers on the board and you add how much on the board under the basic facts Ashley has got  -10 and Briarn has got -29. Ashley is doing topic activity. We even have a writing tumble. Briarn and Ashley are in Speech Marks and we are doing Teacher and then Read a book. Now for the Reading groups. Briarn is in Word Sharks and Ashley is in Racy Readers. Our swimming days are Wednesday and Friday. Also our library days are Mondays. There are also these things called POZZIES. Pozzies are little pieces of paper and the teacher gives you some if you are following the treaty. Our treaty is some rules we have to followand some are to be better than before and to treat people the way they want to be treated. Sometimes if we are fantastic at writing and maths then we can get a Kelly point. Kelly is a kangagaro and we color a dot when all the dots are colored then we can have like electronics day. The book that we are reading is ....... DEMON DENTIST!!!!!!.

By Briarn and Ashley.

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