Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Evil Minion Letter By Eloise

Death road, (I own the whole road!)


Despicable-land, 1252,

To my Evil Followers, 
I am evilly writing to you about the job advertised on trade me, 12 June. I remove candy from babies hands. But no, no, no I do much more than that. If I see someone, anyone, I will get out my toxic gun my biggest-sharpest knife and my lava gun and get rid of them forever! But don't worry minions I won't get rid of you because I am the most evil evil-master. I can promise you an endless supply of bananas and anything else in the entire world whenever you want. You may come with me on missions whenever you want. I can command a whole army of minions at once silently. I have never failed a mission before and I am interested in all things evil, evil plots, evil gadgets and especially  evil minions! I am always either planning for a mission, going on a mission or making evil gadgets or testing them. I love watching evil movies especially the ones I make of me going on secret missions. By the way I have a fake name to sound kind and innocent-Madeline Smiley and my real, evil name is : Grace Evil-Girl.
Your new evil master:Grace Evil-Girl


  1. Hi Eloise,
    Your minion post was very interesting.
    You sound pretty evil grace-evil-girl

  2. Hi Eloise,
    I like your post. Was that you actual letter?
    Well done
    from Ashley,Jaime, Daisy and Briarn

  3. Hi Eloise,
    Loved your story! I would of definitely chosen you to be my evil master!
    Yours Evilly,

  4. Hi Eloise,
    Love your letter. You are the most evilest villain I have heard of.
    PS: love the name GRACE-evil-girl.

  5. hay Eloise
    love this evil letter great job love your name as well as your letter you are so good!!!!
    love it!!!!