Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mrs Shackville by Daisy

Ahh Mrs Shackville you may think of her as a lovely lady but really she is a lazy humongous greedy lady. When she stomps down the coridoor pretending to be the coolest principal in the world. Also when she stomps down the coridoor with her cadbury choclate chomping it all down like a greedy pig while snorting. Whenever she comes into block B she goes into any class room closest to her because she is too lazy to walk to the end of block B where her favorite class is. Whatever class room she is in, she asks one of the children to run back to her office to get some more choclate and a towel. The only reason  she asks the kid to get her a towel, is because she gets choclate all over her face and her new white and blue suit. By the way, Mrs Shackvilles real name is layla. I dont think her name should be Layla, what do you think about that?


  1. hi Daisy
    thats awesome i loved that and i really loved your
    describing words.
    from Walter

  2. Hi Daisy,
    I like how decripetive your writing is. Mrs Shacksvilles sounds horribul.
    From Ashley

  3. Hi Daisy,
    What a awesome poem! Mrs Shacksvilles sounds like the worst person I've heard of in my life!!!
    From Eloise

  4. Hi Daisy,
    Loved your poem it was amazing and very interesting!! It has a lot of describing words! Can't wait to hear more of your writing and poems!! :-)
    From Emma

  5. Hi Daisy
    Omg what a nasty old woman. Lol!
    From Liam Rm 10 =D