Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We went to the zoo

On the 24th of October we went to the zoo to learn about how animals adapt in their habitat and how they survive in the wild.
We learnt that frogs are not all green, they have white at the bottom so when predators look up at it the white will shine bright in its eyes, and if a predator looks from the top it looks like a lily pad so it will not attack. Frogs freeze when it is trying to get its prey and I learnt something new and that was that frogs have really sensitive hearing so that's why we did not make a loud noise in the room where we got taught by a really awesome lady, who told us about frogs and how they adapt in their habitat.
After that we went to look around to see how animals adapt in to their habitat.  I learnt that tigers hide in bamboo to camouflage from predators and that spider monkeys use their tail to hang from a brunch to pick up their food with their hands.
 Rm10 learnt about lots of adaptaions about animals and how they eat ,sleep,and play around.

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