Wednesday, November 5, 2014


On the 24th October 2014 , the Totara team went to the Zoo.
 First we went to Western Springs and had our morning tea at the park.
 Then we entered the Zoo, Room 10 went into a room and did some quiz's. Now we are in different groups. My group was Briarn, John, Joel, Forrest, Felix W, Me,and my Mum (Sareena).
 Then we started to look at the animals. We had to read the facts about the animal, we couldn't just look at it and walk away.
I didn't just have one animal I had three animals. The three animals were a Hippo, a Cheetah and a Tasmanian Devil. I don't know which one to do.
After we looked at most of the animals we had lunch.
 We looked at all of the animals then went back through the park, up the steep hill and back to school.

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