Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Hi on Saturday a day before my brothers Birthday we went to Clip 'n' Climb. Me,Cass,my dad, Leonard, Manaia and my uncle. We were there for an hour and a half. I climbed 12 obstacles and reached the red button. You don't have to reach the red button, it can just be a goal. Anyway the next day Sunday it was my brothers Birthday. That day we went to Queen Street movies. Me,Astyn Serge, Cass, my brother's uncle Jayden, and my dad. We first played games at Timezone. Then we got some drinks and popcorn. After that we went into the GOLD CLASS THEATER. We watched Transformers Age of Extinction. But of course in the middle of the movie my butter fingers brother dropped the popcorn on the ground. The funny thing was that we still ate it off the ground. Anyway of course we brought extra lollies and drinks. After the movie we played some more games in Timezone. We caught a bus back home. When we got home the Warriors were on. They were vs the Knights. In the end the Warriors lost. After the game we got to have some very rich Birthday cake but it was still nice. Cass got loads of presents like a OKC hat and a Chicago bulls hat and even a new controller for our PS3,lucky!  At Christmas I'm going to  buy myself a new controller.
                                                             MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!.

By Briarn

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