Tuesday, June 17, 2014

                                      E.O.T.C DAY 2

E.O.T.C    is a cool fun exciting week at Grey Lynn School. 
You do cool exciting things and activities like newspaper challenge,poi making,compass making,wood work, glove toy,electrical quiz board,shelter building,  soup making and the
Quasedillas. They were yum and the soup was tastie. It had lots of
vegetables in it.

At the newspaper challenge we had newspaper and we made anything out of it.
 Poi making was cool because  you made your own poi. They did it with Briarns mum, Ashely and Stellas mum, Victoria.
We did Quasedillas. When  I ate them I was full of joy. They were amazing and so delicious, too bad not everyone got to taste it.
Compass making was you made two types of compasses. It was cool and we got to use one of your compasses for an activity. It was so fun.
 Woodwork, wood work was cool you used tools like hammers ,saws,nails,.glue stuff like that.
THIS IS MY FAVOURITE ONE IT'S MAKING A GLOVE TOY , glove toy is when you make a little cudully toy out of
a soft glove. It's so  fun we did it with Griffins mum, Anne and with Hollys mum, Toni. It was cool, my glove was red. Mine was like a vampire and he had 4 eyes and little ears  and a cape.
ELECTRICAL QUIZ BOARD, it was fun you make your own  quiz board. You did it with 
Cyans mum, Tina and the reliever, Simon. It was amazing.
SHELTER BUILDING WAS  COOL because we built shelter together for our group
and last of all is soup. The soup was yummie, it was so nice and amazing. It was so fun.             

        Top 5 things
                          - glove toy
                          - wood work 
                          - soup making

                  BY John 


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