Monday, June 2, 2014


Leaves turn from bright, healthy green to crisp, golden, amber, brown.
They flutter to the ground to form a soft layered carpet.
Feet walk on top of them making delicate crunching noises.
The trees are left bare and lonely.
The Autumn wind whips up the frosty air into small, spiral twisters, it blows hats, papers and all it can reach away to tumble through the air onto the ground.
People walk the streets, it is not cold but there is a winterey chill in the air, on cold days the streets are a flurry of fluffy scarves, warm mittens and woolly hats.
The city parks are a blanket of golden leaves, children skip amongst them laughing and crying out in delight.
Kid throw handfuls of crunchy brown leaves in the air, they watch them fall slowly to the soft ground.
Autumn is a season of gold.


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