Tuesday, March 11, 2014


                                Room 10's Mural.

A few days ago Room 10 read a book about some rabbits (English) taking over the land of some Squirrels (maoris.)

First  Kerry and Sandie chose some people to paint a background including some sea, some hills and a boat.

Then Room 10 made it into our own personalised mural/story using weasels as the rabbits/english and Kiwis as the squirrels/maoris. We got told to draw a weasel and a kiwi each with a "speech" bubble saying what we thought they might be saying or thinking.

Then we stuck the weasels and kiwis on the painted mural, most of the kiwis were hiding in burrows or running away, and most of the weasels were on the ship and rowboat, or climbing onto the beach/land.

We found all the cut out "speech bubbles and stapled them beside weasels and kiwis that weren't saying anything.

By Amy.


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