Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nine things NOT to do in space.

1. Leave the ship.
2. Crash-land on a unknown planet.
3. Not do your seat belt up on lift off.
4. Break the communication device.
5. Go on the moon.(without a space suit)!
6. travel into the sun.(thinking its a planet).
7. Stab someone in zero gravity.
8. Have a zero.g knife throwing contest.
9. plumet into space.

By Violet


  1. Good advice Violet!

  2. Number 9 is my favourite. It was my "laugh out loud" moment of my day!

    Thanks for being clever in your writing Violet.


  3. Hi
    I think this is a really good post. 2 of my favourites are don't have a zero gravity knife throwing contest and the other one is don't fiy into the sun thinking it's a planet

    thanks from Izzy in Australia