Friday, April 5, 2013

More Learning

On the 13th of March Room 11 & Room 12.
went to the Corbans art centre we made self portraits.
They all looked fantastic.
we all had different back grounds. (we got to choose them)
some were about rugby,grass and trees,cultures.
it was soooo fun.
I bet every one liked it. Im sure I did.

So next to do the hair for the head. Pull your fringe back, there will be a shape where your fringe was. Add that onto the picture. That was called the hairline. Fill the empty space with your hair colour. So it looks like you.

pssst there’s a special way to do noses and hair so it suits you.
First noses: do a smile then on each side of the smile do a tear drop and on each tear drop do a sidewards smile.

By Ariel

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  1. Thanks for the tip on how to draw noses Ariel!