Friday, April 19, 2013

End of Term PMI

It has been a very busy term. We have done a PMI for the term. We are going for a two week well deserved break. Come and visit us in Term two.

Poppy- Corbans art centre, & doing amazing portraits
Felix- Aloha night
Flynn- Inner City Sports
Zara- Making new friends, Reading Billionaire Boy & Ratburger
Amy- Learning Massage, Maths, Music
Ariel- Maths
Orla- Using Sumdog for maths
Josie- Swimming sports,  Having Sandie & Kerry as teachers
Charlie- Pe/Pa
Forrest- Art, 
Rebeka- Our new budgie Monty
Maia- Being in Room 12
Nasoni- Name art

Zara- dragon appearing( angry teachers)
Bay-Keiko the budgie dying, swimming sports
Malachai- Being injured for inner city sports
Amy- Building noise, not being able to open windows
Shae- Cross Country training
Rebeka- Illness
Kerry- Pozzie buddies going missing,
Sandie- children talking over the top of others

Nami- Having two teachers
Josh- learning about Pablo Picasso
Luke- Learning different PE games
Connor- Buddy reading,it was interesting seeing how they are going
Flynn- Class leaders, Year 6 jobs
Amy- Massages
Orla- Watching the building going up
Shae- Watching the budgies
Toby-Seeing peoples re actions when I dip my head in the pool
Zara- All the noises
Maia- Finding out what other people like
Queenie- Having a new class

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  1. Kia ora R12,
    What a great term you've had. Happy holidays.