Monday, March 11, 2013

What learning have we been doing in R12?

Children will be letting you know what we have been doing in class via our blog.

This year I have learnt lots of different art techniques and lots of different math strategies like when you are taking away you can add to both sides and get the correct answer. eg  47- 29, add 1 to both sides  48-30 =18

I  have learnt lots of new spelling words, we did a test of the 200 most used words in writing and I have been learning the ones that I got wrong.
By Toby

We have learnt how to sketch with different
shades and to portray realistic faces in Art
By Queenie and Bay


  1. Kia ora Room 12,
    I am always curious to find out what learning you will select to comment on out of all the learning areas you explore. Very interesting!

  2. Thank you for keeping me up to date with your learning.