Friday, August 21, 2009

Room 9's Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday Kauri team went to the zoo. we had an amazing time. We walked down through Western Springs Park. We saw lots of different animals


  1. Hi Room 9,
    Sounds like you had fun at the zoo! How long do you think it took to walk there? I liked the hippos.
    From Jeru in Room 10.

  2. Hi Room 9, this is Room 7 at Manurewa Central School. We are year 1's and we like looking at your blog. We like your book about the zoo trip and think you are lucky to have seen Kashin before she died. We all miss her. We went to the zoo this year too so we were lucky as well. We posted a photostory about our trip on our blog at if you want to check it out. (April posts)