Monday, August 17, 2009

Reports Galore!

Oscar the Turtle

Oscar is a reptile because he came from an egg. He is a Red Eared Turtle. Oscar will live up to 30 years old. Oscar is 6 years old and he has 24 more years to live. He has a shell that feels like fingernails. Oscar eats fish flakes. Oscar doesn’t chew his food because he has no teeth. He loves climbing.  Oscar has great eye sight for distances. Oscar loves red and orange colours. He also loves to escape.  Turtles hibernate in winter, but Oscar doesn’t because he has a heater in his tank. 

 Last of all Turtles are a common pet.

By Emily and Eva


  1. Hi Emily and Eva,
    Oscar sounds like a great pet. Now we know turtles are reptiles. When is Oscar's birthday? How fast can Oscar swim?
    From Amy and Celia in Room 10.

  2. Hello Eva and Emily,
    Thanks for the really good information about turtles. The reason I liked it is because I didn't know much about turtles and now I do.
    From Robbie in Room 10.