Thursday, August 13, 2009

Report Writing

Room 9 went to visit their buddy class. Room 7 is our newest new entrant class at Grey Lynn School. Room 7 have a cool pet. He is Oscar and he is a turtle. Oscar lives in Room 7 in a tank.  We sat in a circle with our buddies while Oscar crawled around the room and all over us. When we got back to our class we wrote some reports. Have a read and feel free to comment on them.

All About Turtles

Turtles are reptiles and amphibians because they can go under water and  on land. The temperature of the water is pretty warm because it keeps it from hibernating. Turtles live on land and in water. Some turtles can live up to 30 years old. Turtles eat meat and plants. They have spectacular eye sight. Turtles have ears but don’t have any teeth and they swallow their food whole. They all have hard shells on their backs. Their shells are their house. Also turtle’s shells shed off every year and they feel like flakes. They have got webbed feet and very sharp claws. Now you know that turtles are awesome and amazing creatures.

By Olivia, Emma, and Willow

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  1. Hello Olivia, Emma and Willow,
    Nice reporting on Turtles. I think that they can be quite weird since they can be reptiles and amphibians. The water in a tank where they live can get really dirty but they can still see really well.
    From Xavier in Room 10.