Wednesday, July 22, 2009

100 Days of Learning

Come and read some of our recounts about our fun filled day.

100 Day Celebration

Today was the 100 day celebration. It is when it's been 100 days at school. First in the morning I put my cans out. Secondly I watched people count the cans. Thirdly we did special fitness with the rest of Kauri team. You had to do 100 star jumps, 100 hops. Then it was time for fun. Puriri did a little dance. We sang a song to the rhythm of the Brady Bunch show. After we did weighing, making fairy bread and tallies for heads and tales. We tallied up how many times we got heads or tales. We had to guess how many metres the line of cans was. It was 16 metres. There were 215 cans for City Mission because it is getting stressful for them. I felt excited for our fun stuff.
By Isla 

100 Days

Today is the 100th day. A big party. I worked all night making a costume. Today we took a can to school for the City Mission. We had a competition of who could count  the cans. We did heaps of exercises , my favourite was hopping. We had to hop one hundred times. Then we went back to class and made pom poms and fairy bread yum. We also did Maths activities using 100. Soon we did singing and dancing. I sang 100 days of school, then it was all finished. We then had morning tea.

By Jack

100 Days At School

Today was the 100th day at school. First I went and put my can in the long line for city mission.
Next the Kauri team went and did fitness. There were four groups. We went in classes. We did 100 things. Nearly everyone was tired. I felt tired. Next we made things like pom poms and fairy bread. Then we went to assembly we watched Puriri team dance. Next we sang songs. Lots of parents were came. We sang the National anthem. The parents clapped a lot. The band was great. It sounded like a real band. I felt excited because it was  100th day at school.

By Emma


  1. Hi Jack, that sounds like a lot of fun, making pom poms and fairy bread. Did you really stay up all night making your costume? From Stella in Room 10.

  2. Hey Jack, it must have been hard work making your costume. You must have been very tired. We also made fairy bread. It was fun. From Max in Room 10.

  3. Good morning Sebastian,

    Good luck with being a class reporter today, have lots of fun and guess what!!!!!! I am sending you this message from my XT mobile phone.

    Love you always
    mum :)

  4. Hi Isla,

    I liked your recount about the 100th Day of school. You used great recount language. I am very proud of the Kauri Team for bringing in 216 cans for the Auckland City Mission as it is very stressful for them. Doesn't it feel good to help?

    Great writing,
    Mrs Fale