Friday, June 19, 2009

What I would take to Antarctica

Room 9 have been practicing their oral language.
Come and listen to what they would take with them to Antarctica.


  1. I pleased you are all going to be warm if you went to Antarctica!

  2. Hi room 9 Jackie, Geoff, William, Gabrielle,Rafe , Myles and Amelie would like to say hello. We are friends of Sophie Jones and we live in England sophie you made a good choice to take a beanie to Antartica with you as most of your body heat can be lost through your head. It is summer in England we do not need beanies at the moment it is nice and warm we would need a sun hat today as we are going to a castle. Very interesting topic but what would you eat? look forward to finding out. bye for now the chisholms in Winchester UK.

  3. What a cool movie Room 9 - I have really enjoyed listening to your ideas about what to take to Antarctica. The closest I have been to Antarctica was when i visited the Antarctica Centre in Christchurch. Have any of you been there? It would be a great place for a class trip. You need to dress REALLY warmly.
    Mrs Burt

  4. Hi Room 9, we really like your movie! We think that you had good ideas of what to take to Antarctica. If you didn't take those things, it might not be as fun! From Jennifer and Anisah in Room 10.

  5. Hi Room 9, we would take those things to Antarctica too. We like the music and ideas you had. From Matt and Cameron.