Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More persuasive writing by Room 9

Max & Mia want to share their ideas with you.


  1. Hi Max and Mia, I think that Room 9 and 10 are both the best. Our teacher is nice too. From Salote in Room 10.

  2. Hi Mia and Max. You two make great reporters. I think room 9 is the best as well and I would love to be in room 9!! Cheers, Christel Dunshea

  3. Hi Mia & Max,
    I have just come home from work and I saw your video blogg - whoo, so cool!
    I thought I was watching the 6 o'clock News and you two were the reporters from Grey Lynn School.
    I think you are learning some really good things in your class.
    Keep working hard.

  4. Buon giorno Mia & Max,
    I am sitting in Milan in Italy and i thought I was watching you on TV! You guys are so flash. When I was at school we never did anything that cool, the best things we did was eat pies.
    Keep up the good work, Go room 9!
    Be good.

  5. Hi Mia and Max
    I thought you were really good at projecting your voices and not just reading out.
    I hope to be seeing more of you.
    From Lucy
    P.S please visit our blog